Join us April 20 for “Sources of Inspiration” in the Creative Process

Richardson resident Sarah Riehm, (Sarah Lawrence is her nom de plume)has been a noted author, playwright, journalist, and musician (harp, piano, pipe organ and vocalist) for the past 30 years. She also maintained a faith-based yoga studio for many years, incorporating elements of breathing, movement and meditation. Riehm has served as a workshop leader in creativity for numerous retreats and community events.

“Sources of inspiration” from her perspective include time-tested tools to help channel inspiration such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, walking, cross-training in other art forms, structured time, enhanced dream techniques, and more. This will be a fun and interactive SEED session.

Venue: Marcus Café patio – 2701 Custer Pkwy #700, Richardson, TX 75080

(Sarah and her husband are owners of this successful neighborhood restaurant)

Time: 6:00-7:30pm

Food and drinks available for purchase.

Gather. Become inspired. Share.

See you at SEED!